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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions that most clients ask and that are most relevant to our services, policies and guidelines. 


Our Process is easy, cost efficient and our customer service is second to none. Stub Alert will provide you with payroll Pay check Stubs according to your provided information. We handle all calculations and tax deductions for business owners, employees, 1099 independent contractors and more! Accurate and professional services provided for any scale business whether you’re a sole proprietor, an employee of a company, a small business owner, larger company looking to document their earnings.

Our process is simple.

STEP 1: You fill out the Pay Stub Order Form online and provide Stub Alert with YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION & PROFILE (Individual or Company Name / Address / Last 4 digits of your Social Security # or EIN # / ETC). You choose whether to use your own Company Profile (company you work for) or leave this field black in the order form and we will contact you so you can choose one of our company profiles. We will also discuss verification at this time.

STEP 2: We process your stub within 2 to 3 hours during business hours. We send you a proof of your stub via text message or email. You can then approve the proof / preview you receive. This is where you can see how it will look printed out with all of your information. If there’s anything that needs to be changed, we can change it at this stage.

STEP 3: Once approved, We will ask for payment. We can arrange for you to pick up your stub (locally), or for delivery (locally). Payment is due upon pickup or delivery. Other options are for us to mail out your stub or Can simply email or fax your digital copy of your stub. We will require Paypal payments prior to sending our mailings, email or fax.

The verification process is simple.

STEP 1: You provide Stub Alert with YOUR COMPANY PROFILE (Company Name/ Address/ Website/) or if you wish to use OUR COMPANY PROFILE, we can provide one for you.

STEP 2: We provide you with Verification Contact Phone #, Fax #, Email Address (if applicable), and Website (if applicable).

STEP 3: Any Verification inquiries received will be answered and processed for you for from 15 to 30 days of order date (depending on if you ordered 15 or 30 day verification).

Stub Alert has many options on how to receive your final documents. We offer delivery and pickup options! We have locations available in the Las Vegas area to pick your documents up in person. Please contact us for the Stub Alert pick-up location nearest you.

Your documents are printed on REAL Authentic Check Paper on all pick-ups, deliveries and shipments / mailings. 

You can also receive final copies in PDF format by email or fax. These stubs you can print out at your own volition. (this is an option for those that need their stubs today and are currently outside of the Las Vegas area.

We are adding more service locations outside of the Las Vegas, NV area in 2018!

If you are local in Las Vegas, Nevada, we can promptly deliver your pay stubs anywhere in the Greater Las vegas Area including but not limited to Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Enterprise, Henderson, Nellis, Boulder HWY, Green Valley, Centennial Hills, and more! Anyone in Puhrump, Boulder city, and further outside the Greater Las Vegas area can meet us in one of our covered delivery zones. Delivery cost is typically $10 to $15 for any orders under $80. Any order over $80 comes with FREE DELIVERY! 

*Delivery available from 8AM to 11PM – 7 DAYS PER WEEK!

If you are local in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have local service locations where you can promptly pick up your stubs. For security reasons, we provide the address and location information AFTER your stubs are approved and pickup is arranged and scheduled.

Once approved, you can pay cash on delivery, cash on pickup. If not able to pick up or accept delivery in person, can accept Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.

Payment is requested AFTER you approve your order (we send screenshot of order).Once approved, you can pay cash on delivery, cash on pickup. If not able to pick up or accept delivery in person, can accept Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.

Only once during the proof / preview period. Once you approve the proof / preview of your stub, you will not be able to change your order at all.

Yes we can create custom templates for just an additional $25 on your order! Send us an example of the template you would like to use (drawing , illustration, scan or photo can be sent to us).

Once we send your proof / preview of your stub, simply check all your details, etc and make sure the paystub is to your liking. If you find something wrong, you can correct it by sending us an email or text. Any changes (within reason) made during this period is totally free. Once you approve the proof / preview however, you are not able to make any changes to the order unless you pay for a new order.

Yes, Rush Order (Stubs Ready within 2 HOURS OR LESS!) This also includes RUSH MAIL ORDER PROCESSING  $75.00

No refunds. We offer preview / proof of your order before payment. This is to ensure your satisfaction. Any pickup or delivery arrangements, payments are not required until pickup / delivery! 

For mailings, in the unlikely event, you didn’t receive the item, we can provide a refund, provided it can be proven that the stub was lost in the mail, etc. All mailings have tracking info so this HIGHLY unlikely.

Verifications are also non-refundable as well.

All of your information is SAFE! Our site is backed by Comodo SSL secure transactions. Not only that, We NEVER ask you your full social security number or EIN # or ask for any payments through our website. The only online payments we accept are through PayPal secure transactions. Also, we don’t store any of your information on our server after your purchase. This is for your maximum privacy, personal security & safety.

Any unauthorized changes, edits, redistribution of the stubs or any of our documents are not permitted ESPECIALLY if it’s regarding one of our verification profiles! We generally frown upon those that try to circumvent the system.

If we find that you have violated and infringed upon this important rule, we will terminate your account, with no refund. No tolerance.

While these are 100% real paycheck stubs, we cannot and will not consult you on how, when and what to use these documents for. We are simply providing you with a great way to verify your income. Please DO NOT ask any of our staff members to consult you on such matters. We will simply not respond. Any further questions on this matter, please see our terms and conditions (links are at the bottom of every page)

While these are 100% real paycheck stubs, unfortunately we can’t guarantee ANYTHING. While they “work great” and certainly can serve it’s purposes, these are novelty items. There’s no way that we can claim that they can serve every purpose “successfully”. Verifications, are the same. Only thing we can say is make sure of what you need before ordering, so what you are asking for is in line with what you need. This will increase your odds of you getting your desired result.